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Welcome to Study Bridge

Study Bridge Ltd. is a London based professional adviser company who supports diploma, postgraduate & undergraduate degree courses to the UK & European students, who desire to study in top ranked Universities and Colleges in the UK.

Student Testimonials

What students said about Study Bridge.


Ms. Daliborka Atanasova

I'm Daliborka, currently working as a Supervisor in Marriott Hotel. I am also studying BA in Kensington College of Business. One of my friends suggested me to seek consultation at Study Bridge and they handled all my queries as a priority.

Ms. Daliborka Atanasova is studying HND in Business at Kensington College of Business. She came to know about Study Bridge through recommendation and contacted us. (more…)

Mrs. Oana Ancuta

I decided to study the Business Management course at KCB because I was very impressed when Study Bridge explained me about the course.

Oana is a Romanian Student studying at Kensington College of Business. She was a passionate worker in the medical field. (more…)


Ms. Marinalva A. De Sousa

I decided to study the Business Management course at KCB because I was very impressed when Study Bridge explained me about the course.

Marina is a Business Management Student from Brazil she strongly believes that Kensington College of Business (KCB) will fully prepare herself to become a successful Business Lady by providing her the academic knowledge and practical skills to cope with any challenges


Ms. Teodora Buta

I am really happy having the opportunity to study this course because I am interested to start a career in business environment and this prepares and introduces me in such world.

Ms. Teodora is a HNC student who came to UK few months before starting her HNC course in November 2014.


Ms. Neli Rogacheva

The friendly and caring atmosphere among the staff and students at Kensington College of Business persuaded me to apply for a place of study within your institution.

Neli is a BA student at Kensington College of Business. She consulted Study Bridge regarding a highly recognised qualification in Business Management.


Ms. Dorina Loredana Ileni

My ambition is to complete a degree at a UK college although there was always a fear not to reach the high level of English which was expected at degree level courses.

Dorina is studying Business Management in Kensington College of Business. She contacted us and requested to help her with the Student Finance and also to help her to get enrolled into a Business Management course.


Mr. Anthony Taylor

Before I joined KCB I was studying Graphic Design at London Metropolitan University. I moved to KCB because I was not enjoying the previous course but was worried about any problems I would have in the Transfer.

Antony is studying towards his Higher National Certificate (HNC) at Kensington College of Business. On our first meeting, he made us clear that he wanted to study Business Management and work at the same time.


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